Online Registration

Citizens can register their alarm systems online. This registration is with the police and/or fire department and in accordance with a law requiring residential and/or commercial alarm systems to be registered. Information such as the alarm systems physical address, mailing address, contact information, and who the alarm system is monitored by will be required and asked of to complete the registration.

Registration Process


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Alarmed Location Section

When a user applies for a new permit, the first section of information will be the Alarm Location Information. This section is asking for the physical address of where the alarm system is located and all relevant information for that location. The fields that have to be filled in are the ones colored red. For a commercial location the Business Name field will be where the company name is entered. Only the street number must be entered for the Street Number field, and the street name, including all directionals, will be entered in the Street Name field. If the location has a suite or apartment number this must be entered in for the Suite. The City, State, and Zip must also be added. A Main Phone number is needed; a secondary number can also be included if desired. Entering an email address will allow the password to be emailed for the account that is now being created as well as correspondences to be emailed. The address will be validated before an account is created. Validation is checking two things: one if the address is already entered for an alarm permit and two if the address is within the jurisdiction boundaries. If the address does not pass these two validations, a message will come up stating such, and will give further instructions.

*The registration fee shown in this picture is an example, and may not reflect the correct fee that will be charged. There may also not be a registration fee due.*

Mailing Information Section

The next section, Mailing/Billing Information will be where the address and information for where all correspondences will be mailed to is filled in. All the fields colored red must be filled in. If the information is the same as everything on the Alarm Location section, click the Use Alarmed Location Information button at the bottom of the section. This will copy over all the information that was entered in the Alarmed Location section to this section. If the information is different (for example, the mailing address is a PO Box or mail is sent to the corporate office) this will need to be entered in. For commercial locations, the name of the company that will be receiving the mail must be entered in (it can be either the same or different as the Alarm Location name). The address must be entered in the same way as for the Alarm Location section, the Street Number and Street Name must be entered in their own specific fields. If the address is a PO Box, the PO will go in the street number field, and the Box with number will go in the Street Name field. This address does not need to be validated. Contact phone number and email can be entered in as well.

The Alarmed Location and Mailing Information sections need to be filled out in order to receive an alarm permit. If these are the only ones that will be filled out, once they are complete, click the left Submit Online Form button below the section fields, and the registration will be completed.

Contact Information Section

The Contact/Keyholder Information section is where names and phone numbers of people who can be contacted about the alarm system will be listed. This record is for the police/fire department in order for them to have a list of people who they can get in contact with besides the main contact information from the Alarm Location section. Two contacts can be listed on this section.

Alarm Company Section

The Alarm Company Information section is where the alarm company information for the alarm system is listed. Select from the drop down menu list of alarm companies which one Monitors, Sold, Services or Installed the alarm system. They do not all need to have an alarm company selected. The most important one is the Monitored By Alarm Company. This will be the alarm company that contacts you if the alarm is going off to ask if police or fire assistance is needed.

            *The two alarm company fields shown in picture may not be the only ones available. There can be up to four alarm company options, as listed above.*

Special Conditions Section

The Special Conditions section is where any information beyond what is listed in the other sections should be written. Information typically included here would be if there are any dogs in the yard, guns on the premise, any medical needs of the occupants, or if there are hazardous chemicals on premise. These conditions are provided to the police/fire officers responding to the alarm system. This will provide them with information about the location in order to fully assist the situation.

Password Section

The Password section is where you can enter and verify your password.  The requirements are listed on the right and must be adhered to.


Registration Complete

            Once all the sections have been filled out, and the Submit Online Form button has been selected, the alarm permit account is created. A pdf version of a filled out registration form with all the information from the sections will show up on the screen. If there is no registration fee, the registration process is complete. This pdf registration form can be printed out for record of the registration, but nothing will need to be mailed to complete the registration. If there is a registration fee required, this will need to be paid before the registration is complete. Once at the pdf form, you can click the Sign Me in Now link at the top of the form, and you will be automatically signed into your account. Account information can be updated right away. The only information that cannot be updated by you is the Alarmed Location address. Your password can also be updated any time you log into your account. Select the Change Password option on the left tool bar. Your current password will need to be entered in order to change it to something else.

Online Payments

            If the option is available, payments can be made online. To make an online payment, select the Pay by Credit Card option on the left tool bar after signing into your account. A list of all outstanding invoices will come up. Check the box under Select for the invoice that will be paid. Click Continue when all the invoices are selected. Fill in the online payment information. All the fields are required. When everything is entered correctly, click the Submit button on the bottom of the screen. This will complete the payment. A payment verified message will come up on the screen if the payment went through.