Enforcement Investigation:
As a convenience to the citizens participating in the Atlanta False Alarm Program, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) has instituted an internal False Alarm Investigation Process which allows you to have expeditious dismissals of citations issued in error. If you request this service the APD and Public Safety Corporation will perform an internal investigation and make a recommendation to either uphold or dismiss the citation. False Alarms disputes must be submitted within 14 days of the date printed on the mailed citation.

This investigation process does not replace or affect the City's citation dispute process; citations that are upheld in the APD / Public Safety Corp investigation process may still be disputed through the Municipal Court of Atlanta after this process is complete or at any time during the process.

Once an Enforcement Investigation is started, the citation in question will be suspended to prevent further notices and late fees being assessed during the investigation. Following the investigation, APD / Public Safety Corp will provide a written update reflecting the City’s findings.

Atlanta Municipal Court Dispute:
If you would like to file a dispute regarding your citation, you may dispute assessments of false alarm fines through the Atlanta Municipal Court using the following guidelines:
  • False alarms must be filed with the Municipal Court via email (falsealarm@atlantaga.gov), mail (150 Garnett Street, SW Atlanta, GA, 30303) or in person at the Municipal Court.
  • Submit one (1) dispute form per citation.
  • Please submit the necessary attachments for each individual dispute form submitted.
  • In order to properly process your dispute form you must include a copy of your citation and be sure to include your name, the alarm system location, date of the false alarm, your permit number and rationale for the dispute along with any supporting evidence.
  • To ensure an expeditious review, please be sure to bring copies of all submitted materials with you to your Court hearing.
  • Once a dispute is filed, you must personally appear in Court on the assigned hearing date. Failure to appear for scheduled court hearing will result in the citation being upheld and the applicable fines being sent to a collection agency.
Withdrawal. If at any time after you file a dispute with the court you decide not to dispute the citation you may file a withdrawal letter with the Court stating your wish not to dispute the charge. This will be reviewed by the Court and then you will be allowed to pay the fine or accept the warning. Withdrawals must be received by the Court 7 business days prior to the date you are scheduled to appear.
Atlanta False Alarm Reduction Program | PO Box 936104 | Atlanta, GA 31193-6104 | toll-free (855) 725-7102 | atlantaga@alarm-billing.com
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