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    The Gwinnett County Code of Ordinances requires security alarm systems to be registered with the Gwinnett County Police Department, by obtaining an alarm permit for each alarm site (address).

    Additionally, the Gwinnett County Police Department must be notified of any change that alters any information listed on the previous alarm registration application, within thirty (30) business days of the change.

    On this site, you can register your alarm system; pay any fees/fines assessed by Gwinnett County Police Department, in association with excessive false alarms; and, learn about your duties as an alarm user.

    Gwinnett County has partnered with CryWolf, from CentralSquare Technologies, to administer the False Alarm Reduction Program.

    This site is only for security alarm systems (e.g. burglary, holdup, duress, panic, etc.).

    Alarm Appeal Form
    Alarm Ordinance
    Appeals Guidelines
    Blank Registration Form
    False Alarm Prevention Tips
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Reinstatement Form

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